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Frequently asked questions

My card stopped updating, what should I do?

Try updating it manually by switching to the back side of the card and pulling to refresh.

Does YourWallet work offline?

You can view the passes and scan the barcode but you won't be able to receive pass updates (e.g. you won't see you loyalty points update until you go online).

Which OS is compatible with YourWallet?

YourWallet is available for devices with Android version 5.0 or newer.

How can I change the app language?

The app language is determined by the system language your phone uses, there is no way to change the language in the app itself.

Which languages is YourWallet available in?

YourWallet is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian and Slovak. Individual issuers are responsible for available language versions of passes.

Why is the barcode number on my digitized card different from the one printed on the physical card?

Because sometimes the number hidden in a barcode and the number printed under it do not match. The YourWallet scanner reads the number actually contained in the barcode and copies that under the barcode too. It should cause no issues when scanning the barcode.

I don't want to receive notifications. Can I turn them off?

Yes. If you want to disable notifications for a specific pass, you can flip the pass and disable automatic updates. To do that you have to click on the Settings icon on the back side. Please note that this means you will stop receiving all content/design updates on the pass.

Why wasn't my digitized card accepted in store?

This might happen if you enter the numbers from the card manually as opposed to scanning the barcode in the app, because sometimes the number printed under the barcode does not match the number in the barcode. Our scanner can read the content of the barcode so we recommend adding the card by scanning and trying it again.

Which barcode types are supported by YourPass?

We support barcode types supported by the .pkpass format. Currently these are: QR Code, PDF 417, Aztec and CODE 128. When digitizing your own cards other barcode types will be converted to CODE 128 which should have no effect on functionality.

How can I delete a pass from YourWallet?

Open the pass in YourWallet and click on the Bin icon in the top right corner.

How can I view the back side of the card?

By clicking the circle with three dots in the bottom right corner.

Can I share my pass with my friends and family?

If the pass issuer allowed it, you can share the pass using the Share button on the back side of the pass.

Can I import cards from a different digital wallet?

Unfortunately not at this point. We would like to add this feature in the future but most digital wallets do not offer export which prevents the cards from being imported into YourWallet.

What are the advantages of the .pkpass technology?

This smart technology enables dynamic updates. That means you can check your current loyalty points without needing to log into a website, get a notification before your insurance expires or receive personalised monthly offers.​ Having a plastic loyalty card, a newsletter email subscription and a website to check your loyalty points is a thing of the past. Dynamic digital .pkpass loyalty cards combine all of these and more. And YourWallet allows you to keep all your digital passes in one place. ​ Don't forget to check the back side of the card which usually contains handy information, links and documents.

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