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Downloading digital passes

YourWallet also allows you to download and store digital passes in the pkpass format.

Pkpass files are becoming more and more popular so many companies are opting to use this format to distribute tickets, loyalty cards, insurance cards and much more.


If you purchase insurance or tickets and receive a download link from the issuer, you can store in YourWallet in a few clicks.

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How to download a digital pass (.pkpass file)

Using a PC:

1. Click on the download link provided by the issuer (typically…) which opens a preview page

2. On the preview page click on “Save to Android device”

3. Open YourWallet

4. Click on the + button in the bottom right corner of your screen

5. Click “Add a digital PASS”

6. Scan the QR code on your computer screen

7. After a preview of the pass opens in your phone, click “Add to Wallet”

Using a smartphone:

1. Click on the download link you received

2. If you have YourWallet installed, it should open automatically and display a preview of the card 

3. Click “Add to Wallet”

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