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loyalty cards

Clean up your wallet, turn your plastic cards digital.

Simply scan your card to convert it into a digital pkpass card, save it to YourWallet and start using your new digital loyalty card next time you go shopping.

digitize plastic paper card android.png
How to create your own digital cards:

1. Open the YourWallet app

2. Click on the + button in the bottom right corner of your screen

3. Select “Digitize a card”

4. Find the relevant merchant on the list*

5. Scan the barcode on the card**

6. OPTIONAL: Change the barcode format

7. OPTIONAL: Add your personal note

8. Finish the process by clicking “Digitize a card”

9. Click “Add to Wallet” and you are all set!

pkpass android google.png
digitize loyalty cards.png
safe mobile wallet android.png
android pkpass wallet.png
digital wallet android.png


* If the merchant is not on the list, click "Create your own card" at the top of the list, scan the barcode as usual and then continue as usual. The only difference is that there will be no logo on the card and that you can select a custom card colour.

** There is an option to enter the barcode numbers manually instead of scanning the code, but sometimes the numbers contained in the barcode do not match the numbers printed below. YourWallet works with the actual content of the barcode, so scanning it is a safer method ensuring the created card contains correct data.

The cards are converted into a format that only supports 4 types of barcode: code128, QR code, PDF417 and Aztec. If there is a different barcode type on your card, YourWallet will convert it into one of the supported ones. This should have no effect on functionality, but we recommend taking the physical card to the store for the first time just to be sure. YourWallet will show you a warning when creating a card if this applies.

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